Apr 17, 2014

A Change is Coming

As most of my readers would know, 6 months ago I lost my very loved dad to lung cancer. It's been a hard 6 months, and every second of every day I miss my dad terribly.

Some days the grief took over and I cried until I had no more tears to shed, I locked myself in the house away from the worlds prying eyes, and most of the time I tried to hide it from Monkey as well. I know it's okay for kids to see their parents cry....but I just felt like she didn't need to see it every day. So most days I got up early and cried while Monkey slept, or I waited until she fell asleep at night and then I cried myself to sleep.

Along the way I have questioned everything I believe in. Do I really believe the things I believe? Do I really believe in God? Do I really believe the teachings of my religion? 

I've second guessed every decision I've ever made. Was it really a good idea to move away from mum and dad 4 years ago? Is homeschooling really the best choice for my family? Do I really want to blog? Why do I live here and not somewhere else? Am I following my dreams?

I've been through the "what-ifs" a million times in my head. What if we had found out dad had cancer earlier? What if I'd made him go to the doctors when I suspected something was wrong? What if we'd taken him to a different hospital? What if.....

And I've told myself "I should have" more times than I can count. I should've spent more time with him. I should have gone to be with him earlier the week before he died. I should have told him I loved him more often. I should have.....

Finally I feel the fog of grief starting to lift, and every day is a little easier. I no longer cry every time I think of dad, in fact....most times now, the memories make me smile. I feel like I've turned myself inside out, but for the first time in a long time....I know who I am, I know what I believe in and I know what I want.

When I first started writing this blog....I guess mostly I've been trying to find my voice, trying to figure out what it is about me that I wanted this blog to portray, and what it was that I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers. I can now tell you that I've finally figured it out, and because of that....Domestic Mamma will have a big change after the Easter period. I promise you that it will still be a "Lifestyle" blog.....and I am so sure that you'll love the new direction, because for the first time since I been writing this blog....I do!

So have a lovely break, take care, be safe......and I'll see you back here Tuesday 22nd April 2014, for the new and refreshed Domestic Mamma.

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Apr 14, 2014

FREE Printable "To Do" List

You know how sometimes you have those weekends that were soooo boring that you literally cannot recall what happened....yeah well I just had one of those.

 I know we had friends come and stay, and I remember making a mad dash to the hospital at 12.30am on Sat for Baby Bear whose been sick with a throat infection....but beyond that my mind is blank.....either I'm starting with Alzheimer's early, or I'm so boring even my own brain can't stand me.

Once upon a time I woulda been so devastated at having such a loser weekend, but to tell you the plain honest truth.....I'm hoping I have another one just like it next weekend.....my house could really do with a proper clean and I still haven't unpacked my suitcase....in my mind, the holiday is still raging if the suitcase is still packed! 

Today's events:
  • My microwave oven died (which is a tragedy because I really need it to heat stuff up), I can't afford to buy a new one right now though, because....
  • I got my phone bill....which made me wanna dig a hole and bury my head (I went way over my data allowance while I was on holiday....it's gonna take me an entire month to pay it off!)
  • I had my phone and internet disconnected so that I don't drive the bill up any further while I'm trying to pay it off.....which means I'm now gonna have to spent an hour at the library every day to use the internet and quite frankly, I'm just not gonna be motivated enough to do that.....
  • Got lots of handmade cards from the girls that all say....."I love you"
  • Had a mini photo shoot with the girls.....more about that later on!
Let's hope tomorrow's a better day huh, but, because today was....well it was a typical Monday really don't ya think.....I avoided all the stuff that made me want to go back to bed, and I sat down a created a new free printable "to do" list....just click on the image above to download it....print it out, share it around......enjoy!

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Apr 9, 2014

It's about Time....

Just stopping by quickly today....we've been home for a week from our holiday and so far I've spent the entire week sick. Some how I've managed to get a kidney infection which has kept me in bed for the last few days due to the pain......So I'm gonna take a bit of a break for a few days, lay low, get some rest and hope that I'll be back on top of things in a few days, which means I'll be back here on the blog next Monday. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.....see ya soon xx

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Apr 7, 2014

Oh I joined Partylites.....Wanna Win Some?

It's official......about a month ago I was introduced to Partylites. I'd never heard of them before.....and as a rule I absolutely hate anything "party plan". My sister became a distributor and I wasn't exactly supportive, but she kept begging me to consider it......eventually I agreed that I would at least chat to the distributor who had recruited my sister as a courtesy.

Kerry was in my house all of 5 minutes.....the second she opened the samples kit, that amazing smells wafted my way and I was hooked. Honestly, most of what she said to me went in one ear and out the other.....I was just interested in smelling the samples.....so delicious! That was a month ago......and officially, Thursday night.....I became a .......

So.....why do you need to know about this?

Well ya don't really, well that is if you're not really into candles and you're not interested in winning some of it.....

You see now that I'm a distributor....I thought it would be fun to give some of it away each month!
What d'ya think about that?

This month....I'm just giving something away to celebrate my new demonstrator status....but starting next month....I'll be offering a sponsor option for a monthly giveaway which you can find now on the "Advertise" page. The sponsor ad will cost $15 and will go toward purchasing the giveaway item/s, and postage incurred in sending the item to the winner. The monthly giveaway will be posted at the beginning of each month and it supply a little info and links to sponsors blogs who have participated. Sound fun? I hope so!

Now that I've made you read all of the boring stuff.....let's get to the fun part!
To have a chance to win this months Partylite giveaway, a pack of scented tea light candles in your favourite scent......

Sign up below with Rafflecopter.....

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Mar 31, 2014

Living it Up at Dreamworld Australia

Today is the last day of our holiday, and while I had all these fantasies of sharing every day with you, the facts are that I've been far too exhausted to pull out my laptop every night and blog. Hanging out at theme parks is a tiring business.

Don't worry you'll get to see more photos when we get back home and I have some real internet....my biggest gripe about holiday accommodation on the gold coast is that nobody offers free wi fi....so I've had to use my phone.
The photos that you get to see are from our visit/s to Dreamworld Australia, which in my opinion, if it's fun you are after.....this is where you should go. Not only do they have more rides than all the other theme parks on the Gold Coast, but while we were in the park, we really felt like the staff at Dreamworld were interested in us as people, not just numbers that walked through their gates.
If you are following along on my Instagram account you may have seen that I was sharing along of our happy snaps from our time at Dreamworld.....being the Instagram junkie that I am, I got super excited when @dreamworldau started commenting on my pics....which was fun while we were standing in lines waiting....(in a social media addicted kinda way...)
My favourite thing there - This roller coaster below.....I'm terrified of roller coasters, and because of neck injuries thanks to a car accident years ago, roller coasters are usually a big no no....but this one is fun enough that the adults wanna ride it, and tame enough that it doesn't give me a migraine...
Awesome things about Dreamworld:

the rides
the friendly staff
the tigers and if you're really lucky you'll also see the pumas!
they're social - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Google+

There's heaps more, but seriously....I don't have to tell Dreamworld how awesome they are....they already know!
...tomorrow we fly into Sydney, and then catch the train home....have a great week!

I have not been compensated by Dreamworld for this post. All opinions and photos are my own.
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How Drain Cleaning Works

This is a sponsored guest post by Plumbing Provo.

Drain cleaning is one of the more important services a plumber can offer. While it isn't the most complicated and there are ways to do it yourself, plumbers can do it in a more thorough fashion. If you're looking for plumbing Provo is a good place to start, but picking a plumber gets easier when you have a simple understanding of the processes underlying the task for the purposes of getting a quote and pricing.

The first method of drain cleaning is snaking. Snaking a drain involves running a metal segmented actuator through the drain physically. It usually has a head on the end to twist and snag at obstructions. It will catch hair, grease and any other clogs it can, breaking them up as it goes. The flexible nature of the snake lets it penetrate through long, twisting pipe systems. The metallic, segmented build allows it to have enough resistance to actually break up clogs and be pushed through the system. Advanced snakes sometimes use winches to thread the snake through much longer distances of plumbing system, sometimes as far back as a home's septic tank if necessary.

The next method is chemical drain cleaning. There are a number of different chemical drain cleaners which fill different niches in the cleaning process. The most basic chemical cleaners are little more than dish soaps driven down the sink to unblock basic grease clogs. These are limited in usefulness. More serious drain cleaners use heavily caustic fluids to eat away at anything that might be obstructing the drain. Hair, grease and other items tend to dissolve very quickly when exposed to caustic chemicals. Chemical cleaning can also clear away mineral deposits and mold. Mineral deposits are common in areas with hard water. They frequently roughen up the interior of pipe systems, and this makes it easier for molds and funguses to take hold where the cold, damp environment is effectively ideal. The downside of drain cleaners is their chemical output and fumes. Professional plumbers will have access to more effective drain cleaners, but may require you to vacate your home temporarily.

Drain cleaning is a valuable service to look for in any plumber. It's the one you're most likely to require on a regular basis, so it's important to know what's going on. If you know what you're looking for, it will be much easier to find, so don't be afraid to look for what you need on your own terms.
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