How can Flowers bring a room to Life?

If you have a room, or rooms, in your home that have started to feel a bit dull, investing in some floral decoration is a great idea. Buying flowers doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s a great way of bringing a splash of color to your home without actually having to do any decorating.
I personally love decorating with flowers because I can be really creative with them. Whether you want them to match your décor, or you want them to give a pop of color to a room. Fresh flowers delivered in Perth and Australia wide, check out their ready made bouquets for something suitable.
Matching your mood
The great thing about flowers is that you can change them to match the mood you're in; you may want something tranquil and mutely colored that will help you relax, or you may be in a playful mood and want an array of color to reflect this. White lilies are very peaceful whereas sunflowers are bright and energetic.
Where should you place flowers in a room?
So you’ve made a decision to have flowers in your room, now where in the room should you place them? From a practical point of view you should not put flowers in direct sunlight or extreme heat as they will not last as long if you do. Having taken this into consideration you then need to think about where you are going to enjoy the flowers most.
If you have an area of your room that is especially busy with decoration then flowers can be the ideal way of breaking up the busy look and adding a little tranquility. On the other hand you may want to use a display of flowers as a focal point for the room, in which case it will need to be placed in a positon where it immediately catches the eye.
What sort of flowers should you choose to reflect your décor?
If you have a room that is contemporary, then you are going to want to continue this feel with the flowers that you choose. You will want to select blooms that are elegant and have clean lines. Orchids are an excellent choice in this situation as they complement the contemporary décor. If your home is more reflective of a quirky personality then you want flowers that match this; something bright, colorful and fun. Tulips are excellent for achieving this. Their whole look and feel is quirky and vibrant.

What if you don’t want to change flowers all the time?
If you don’t have a lot of spare time in your life then you may want to invest in faux flowers. The initial expense will be higher but you don’t have to worry about replacing them all the time. When you are decorating your home then your floral arrangements can be part of this; you can ensure that they complement the overall décor of your home. Faux flowers can save you a lot of time and effort but you do lose out by not changing your colors and types of flower so often, and you won't have that amazing fresh flower smell to enjoy.

This post has been brought to you by Fresh Flowers!
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My Favourite City

I know the blog has been pretty quiet....actually let's be's been dead!

I haven't posted for a while, and I apologize for just up and leaving like that, but I just felt like I needed to. Some times you just gotta do what you gotta do.

While I was taking a break from the blog though, I went out and did some went to Canberra to meet my newest niece, and then from there, I took my daughter and my mum to Melbourne (my favourite Aussie city), for a few days, mostly to attend the International Convention for Jehovah's Witnesses, but hey, since we were already there....why not throw in a bit of sight seeing as well....

Everyone told me before I left, "make sure you pack your jacket", but I figured, it's Spring...I won't need it...."I'm from Canberra, I laugh at the cold"...mwahahahaha!

So for the record....I did NOT laugh at the cold! I frowned at the cold, pouted at the cold and complained about the cold.

Melbourne has this weird weather thing second it's a beautiful day, and you blink and suddenly the sun has disappeared and there's a cold breeze blowing through. It's a city well known for having 4 seasons in one day.

That's not all it's known for's also known for being a very artsy city, street art, beautiful old buildings, lane ways filled with cute little cafes and restaurants, and lots of other cool stuff that I can't remember right now....but I do have some photos of our trip to share with you all.....
In case you're wondering.....yes this means I'm back!
See ya soon 

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The Party Is Over

It has been a little over a week since I last wrote a post on the blog...I have to apologize, but sometimes stuff you are way too exhausted from walking around theme parks all day to muster up the energy to type.

You know you're not 20 anymore when the most important thing to pack for a visit to the theme parks is pain killers....and I didn't even get on any of the rides! 

We're back home now, our holiday behind us...and wouldn't you believe it, pretty much the second I stepped off the plane into a colder climate, I got the flu....grrr

Welcome back to reality BAM!

So, I'm pretty much dying right now, and not afraid to whine about it!

I promise I'll be back soon....

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Seaworld : Take Two

I know that the last time we visited Seaword I shared a bunch of photos with you, and I promised myself I wouldn't do it this time.....but oops I did it again (oh I crack me up).

Actually, the cold hard truth is, I'm just addicted to Seaworld. It is, by far, my absolute most favourite theme park to visit....the days when I was happy to stand in an hour long queue for a 1 minute rollercoaster ride and way behind's all about the animals for me now.
Last time we went, we were good little munchkins and saved our dollars...I only paid for what I absolutely had to...this time around though, such a different story...

Every other time I've been I've always said "next time" we would do some of the experiences and photo ops...but then next time came, and I said next time.....
Well no more "next time"....well actually, there were a couple of "next time" things, like the "Penguin Feeding", but purely because Monkey is not old enough to participate yet...

So what did we do that was on our "next time list" you're wondering? Well you're gonna have to wait until Friday to find's totally not a big secret, but I did think it would make an awesome "Friday Five" post...sooo...
It's Movie World for us tomorrow peeps...and then, well actually...I don't think we've decided that yet. Only 5 more day til home time....gotta make 'em count!

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The Australia Zoo Dream

Ever since Monkey was old enough to talk, we've had a dream. A dream that involved animals and the Irwin family...

My Monkey and I have been pretty obsessed with Steve Irwin since we watched the first episode of his tv show when it aired here in Australia, a lot of my friends thought he was an, I loved him. Loved his enthusiasm for life, his passion for what he believed in, loved how much he loved the creatures that we share this planet with. What's not to love about that!
So Monkey came up with a plan to visit Australia Zoo and hopefully, if we were really super lucky, we'd even get to meet Steve. Sadly he died before that dream was realised...but, we decided that the dream was still good, it just had to be adjusted a little.

Pretty much every time we have made our way to Queensland since then, we've bought tickets to Australia Zoo, but for one reason or another, we just have never made it there...until yesterday! 
Just call me whoever it is that makes dreams come true...because that's what I did yesterday, and to be quite frank...I nailed it!

As my baby girl walked through the entrance to Australia Zoo, she smiled at me and said "mum, my dream just came true", and I almost cried. I freaking almost cried.

Fulfilling a dream is huge ya know. That's not something that happens every day.  It might not be a huge thing to most people, but for her ... that's something she has wanted for as long as I can remember. 

She didn't only get to visit Australia Zoo yesterday, but she also learned that you can make your dreams happen, which is such an important thing for a kid to know.

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Favourite Things...Gold Coast Edition (WIN $150)

Today's post is coming to you straight from the GC (Gold Coast for those of you not in the know) ... it's like the OC but without the housewives...!

Monkey and I are here for the next 2 weeks with some friends, so today's 5 Things for Friday are all GC themed....

1. PENGUINS (at Seaworld) // 2. DREAMWORLD // 3. HEATED POOL (at our apartment) // 4. TAKEAWAY FOOD (such variety, so cheap) // 5. POLAR BEARS (at Seaworld) what better way could there be to celebrate the fact that we have escaped winter for some Queensland sunshine than in $150 cash. Sounds more than a little fantastic to me. 

Plus the gals that are bringing the $150 cash giveaway to fruition are super super. i mean...just check them out...aren't they dolls-faces?

get entered below. visit their super, fun blogs. thank me later.
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Five Things we did

Don't you feel like some days you just need to not you just need to sit and be still...
That's how I feel today, I'm gonna let the photos speak for themselves...

1. Met our new nephew/cousin….and took a gazillion photos of him…

2. Monkey drew a picture for a street performer whose music we were enjoying, and donated a few coins along with her one of a kind, original artwork!

3. Bought a cupcake to support the RSPCA’s Cupcake Day fundraiser, because we love animals!

4. Taught Baby Bear how to cook Tuna Pasta….she was so proud!

5. Took some selfies….because we can!
Have an awesome weekend

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I Wanna Go...

It is count down to our holiday week....only 6 more sleeps to go and we will be laying back, thawing out my feet in the Queensland sun.

More importantly is count down to new nephew DAY! I will literally have a new nephew either tonight or tomorrow, as I type my sister is in the hospital sucking back the laughing gas and making prank calls to her family, because I guess she thinks it's funny that every time she calls we are expecting her to tell us he's here....   today is meet my gorgeous new nephew day...

and WOOOO! I got a new phone day....but more about that later!

So in light of all this wonderfulness happening this week....and the fact that I am in holiday mode already...I wrote a bucket list for all the places I have to go to in Australia....because, well, I'm here already, so why not, and because I am one of those weird people who start planning my next holiday before I've taken the current's just something I like to do...

1. Springbrook National Park located on Australia's Gold Coast Hinterland....I've been dying to go here for some time now just so I can take photos of all the pretty nature'll probably be pretty relaxing long as there are no leeches or ticks!

(photo by GARDEL Bertrand / Getty Images)

2. Uluru.....well actually pretty much anywhere in the Northern Territory would make me happy...but how awesome would it be to sit on top of that huge red rock and watch the sun set over the outback!
(photo by Tourism Australia)

3. Great Ocean Road .... like, take a look at that photo and tell me why not! 

(photo by Jonathan Esling Photography)

4. Aurora Australia in Tasmania....better known to non sciencey kinda people like me as, the Southern pretty, so want to see this in real life...

And that's it for now....I mean, really I could go on and on, but I think it's best to start with a few goals, scratch them off the list and then add some new ones. How gorgeous are those places though....

If you could travel anywhere in Australia, where would you go?

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