Fridays Five to Try

Part of celebrating life is trying new things….right?
Well I’ve been giving that some thought this week, and it seems to me like there have been two things missing from our life this year….Fun and sense of adventure.

Obviously, we’ve been busy. So far this entire year has been all about cancer. 
Our life has been sad, and most times scary….so we’ve clung to what we know and been afraid to venture outside of ourselves just in case we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve put things off…lots of things actually, because there were more important things to be done. I’m not happy to let that to continue. I can’t let that continue. It’s time to bring back the fun. It’s time to celebrate the fact that we are alive.

 Life is short, so short really….we forget, or worse still….
I don’t want to think that way anymore. I want to wake up everyday and say, 

“What can I do to make today special”

So I’ve decided, every weekend I want to do 5 things that I’ve always wanted to do, or always meant to do….I want to make sure I don’t end up having a long list of “I wish I’d done that’s”.

It might be something as silly as writing a letter to a friend, or learning how to make my own chocolate from scratch. It could be something super exciting, like taking a holiday to somewhere we’ve always wanted to go, or having coffee in a cafe we’ve never been to before.

Think this sounds great? Then join in….go start your list now
I’ve started a Pinterest board for mine, and I’m gonna start filling it.
Every Monday most bloggers write about their weekends anyways, so let’s have something more to tell everyone, and then let’s link that stuff up and share it around. 
Let’s decide to stop waiting until “we have the time” because we seriously don’t.

So here’s my five to start with….on Monday, I’ll let you know how I went….
1. I want to attempt to make chocolate from cocoa powder
2. I keep promising Monkey I go play at the park with her…’bout time I did it
3. Send my BFF a card to thank her for simply being my BFF
4. Get my recipe book organised – like super organised
5. Bake neighbours a chocolate cake to say thanks for fixing my front screen door

Until Monday

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