101 in 1001

101 in 1001 days

I had real plans for getting into the kitchen and baking a cake for you today, but I’m already sitting here in bed, feet up, munching on a bowl of grapes, so the likelihood of that happening is pretty low at this point…..I’d actually rather be a lazy cow and sit around fantasizing about the things I’m going to do right now than actually go do things. 

I did manage to get to the supermarket today and buy the ingredients….so hey, we’re half way there.

So what the hay am I going to blog about then??? Well it occurred to me sometime last week that I have NEVER made a 101 in 1001 list. Can you believe that? Well I can because I am so not the most structured person in the world. In fact I’m the total opposite of that. My friends are all grown ups with routine and some semblance of order in their lives….not me, routine bores me and structure makes me feel caged. Unfortunately, this means that I am not the most productive person though which drives my friends and family crazy. I eventually get stuff done….emphasis being on the eventually!

So I thought maybe, 101 in 1001 might help get me motivated to get some things done.
Starts 15/12/2014

1. Get a new sofa or repair the old one
2. Finish the ottoman in the living room
3. Finish the bookshelves
5. Buy a new rug for the living room
6. Re-decorate my bedroom
7. Organise the laundry   26/12/2014
8. Buy a new dining table set
9. Get Monkey’s home education schedule organised for 2015
10. Get a new freezer
11. Buy a garden shed
12. Buy new curtains for the house
13. Buy a rug for the kitchen floorA friend gave me one as a gift 22/12/2014
14. Get new knobs for the bathroom vanity
15. Finish sewing the memory blanket I started 5 years ago
16. Get our yearly budget done for 2015  – Done 31/12/2014
17. Teach Monkey how to budget her allowance
18. Start a savings fund to cover vet costs for Caramel  – Caramel died 26/12/2014
19. Put $100 a week into our savings account
20. Organise mum’s finances for her
21. Do our holiday budgets for the year
22. Don’t spend money on things we do not need
23. Plan our meals for the month
24. Cook and freeze our meals for the month
25. Sign up for a swagbucks account  – 19/12/2014
26. Try to only shop at places I can collect flybuys points or rewards central points
27. Get Caramel microchipped  –  Caramel died 26/12/2014
28. Get Caramel desexed  –  Caramel died 26/12/2014
29. Buy Caramel some toys  –  Caramel died 26/12/2014
30. Get a new larger fish tank so we can do – New tank arrived in March
31. Sell our excess fish and fish tanks
32. Buy tickets to see The Lion King in Melbourne  –  13/12/2014
33. Go on a cruise somewhere (anywhere)
34. Go to Melbourne Zoo – 09/03/15
35. Go whale watching
36. Visit family in Canberra – March 12 – 17th
37. Take Monkey to Mogo Zoo
38. Take a holiday with our extended family this year
39. Go on a road trip with my bestie
40. Book an appointment with a new doctor 
41. Go for yearly check-ups
42. Make sure Monkey gets her vaccines
43. See the Osteopath
44. Get around to booking physio appointments
45. Start the Reboot with Joe program  –  22/12/2014
46. Have a better sleep routine
47. Buy a treadmill
48. Start our “No Junk” 10 day challenge
49. Start a personal journal
50. Start a prayer journal
51. Get my drivers license
52. Watch Gilmore Girls from start to finish
53. Read The Mysterious Island by Jules Vernon
54. Bake 3 recipes I found on Instagram
55. Make a photo book for everyone in the family with pics of dad
56. Have friends for dinner once a month for 6 months (jan / feb / march / april / may / june)
57. Colour my hair
58. Get a new hairstyle
59. Exercise every day
60. Do something just for me once a week
61. Ring a friend once a week to say “Hi”
62. Create a customized case for my tablet
63. Create a customized case for my phone
64. Actually use my diary
65. Bake a successful Lemon Meringue (mine always fall apart)
66. Have a pedicure
67. Plan a girls weekend for all the girls in our family
68. Donate to a good cause
69. Help raise money for cancer
70. Take mum to visit dad’s grave
71. Buy a really good Graphics Tablet for her art studies
72. Plan a trip to Moreton Island as a surprise for Monkey (she loves that place)
73. Plan a sleep over party
74. Leave a suprise gift under her pillow
75. Buy her a samsung tablet for her school work  –  26/12/2014
76. Take Monkey to see her first concert “hopefully Taylor Swift)
77. Move over to WordPress
78. Read Pro Blogger
79. Write a post everyday for one month
80. Be more consistent with my posts
81. Be more social with other bloggers
82. Plan my posts a week in advance – Bought mum a new dining set in February
83. Don’t change my blog template for an entire 6 months (at least)
84. Create products for an online store
85. Create a new blog planner for 2015  –  Finished 26/12/2014 
86. Actually use twitter
87. Paint mums house
88. Help mum buy some new furniture
89. Buy all my nieces and nephews a gift for no reason
90. Send my sister a card and a gift for no reason
91. Write my brother a letter
92. Sew some curtains for mums house
93. Send my nieces some surprise gifts in the mail
94. Plan “Family Day” 2015
95. Visit dad’s grave and leave flowers the next time I go to Canberra
96. Visit Floriade night festival in Canberra
97. See a fireworks festival in 2015 – We went to Skyfire in Canberra14/03/15
98. Go to the beach at least 5 times
99. Throw a party for all the kids in our congregation for no reason
100. Perform an anonymous random act of kindness
101. Host Sunday afternoon “Movie Afternoon” for our friends

Clearly I have a lot to do….what about you? Do you have a 101 in 1001 list? If you do leave me a link, I’d love to read it!


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