ORGANISATION – Being organised is the key to a super successful party. Like most other events in your life, planning everything down to the finest detail way ahead of time will take the stress out of your event. To help you stay organised, you can download this free Party Planner kit.

WELCOME YOUR GUESTS – Make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive by greeting them at the front door with a big smile. For those guests who are not close friends, it will put them at ease.

KEEP IT SIMPLE – Having an extensive menu, or elaborate decorations is not a necessity. Your guests are there to spend time with you, keep it simple and you will avoid a lot of stress and cost.

HIRE A CATERER – I have hosted many parties in my life. The one thing I always find to be true is this; whenever I decided to do the cooking, I spend the entire night in the kitchen instead of enjoying the company of my guests. 

The point of hosting a party to is celebrate life with those dearest to you. Don’t waste that time in the kitchen wondering if your guests are enjoying themselves. Step out of the kitchen and let your caterer feed your guests. Don’t know much about it? You should take a look at this catering infographic.

SET THE MOOD – Figure out the mood you would like for your party and then plan a few simple items to help achieve that. Think about music and lighting, even the seating. Do you want a sophisticated, candlelit event, or are you aiming for something a little more lighthearted. Having this thought out ahead of time will make things run more smoothly on the night.

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