The latest thing to hit our home at the moment is YouTube. I know, we are a little behind the game, the rest of the world has been on YouTube for years. It turns out we are a little slow. To be truthful, and I don’t know what gave me this impression, but, I always felt like YouTube was not “my thing”. My daughter watches anime clips and gaming videos on there, so I guess I felt like that was it’s purpose.  

In an attempt to understand what it is that my girl loves so much about the content she follows on YouTube, I began looking around at what was available. That’s when I stumbled upon the whole “family vloggers” thing. Is it a thing? I’m not sure, but it certainly seems to be. There are what seems to be at least a hundred families vlogging their day-to-day activities to the world in the form of a tv show. Am I the only person who was not aware of this? 

The whole thing fascinates me. My first thoughts were, “why would anyone do this?”. Though I must now admit that I enjoy watching these Youtube “shows” more than regular television. So much so, that every night I search for new families to acquaint myself with.

So far I have settled on one family whose adventures we watch on a regular basis. This family is J House Vlogs. They are a family of 6 (soon to be 7), who home educate their impossibly adorable children. The dad is a lawyer who was able to quit his firm and now works from home with his YouTube clientele. I know family lawyers in Parramatta are hard to find. I would never have considered looking to Youtube for one!

My favourite video of theirs so far is The 3 Year Old Lawyer – check them out:


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