I am a firm believer that the start of a new day presents the opportunity for a new beginning. There is nothing that feels more like a fresh start than the beginning of a new year. I imagine this is the reason that with the prospect of a new year many people prepare resolutions for themselves. 

Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, most New Years resolutions never become a reality. That’s why I personally do not make them. Instead I prefer to have a small list of tasks I would like to accomplish in the first few weeks of every new year. 

While you might think it strange to have the same list for every new year, the intention is to start every year fresh and organised. I always feel when things around me in order, I’m able to accomplish so much more. 


I like to begin each year with a beautiful new diary to keep our lives organised. It also aids me in planning with the rest of the items on my new year list.


I stock up the pantry, making sure to add some luxury items that I wouldn’t normally purchase for a little new year treat


Twelve months is more than enough time to give my phone case that very loved, banged up look. So every January I like to give my old phone case the boot, and give my phone a new look by purchasing a new phone case. It’s a simple thing, but it makes such a difference to see our phones all sparkling and looking new again. This year I’m grabbing a new case from Case Haven.


A really important task on the list is to get our following years budget in order. Most people budget their finances weekly or monthly, but I prefer to put together a budget for every month of the entire following year. By factoring in holidays we might be planning to take, and large purchases we may need, it gives me an opportunity to decide months in advance, the best strategy. What an I say, I like to be prepared!


Cleaning out all the “junk” from the computers files and our phones files. Transferring and saving photos and videos that we wish to hold onto, and then the arduous task of organising the computers files so I can find things again. I have a very bad habit of dumping things in the wrong files when I am in a hurry, this little clean up just gets things running smoothly again.


While it’s not actually Spring at this time of year here in Australia, I do like to clean out all the junk from our home. I spend a couple of days combing through closets, ousting old clothing, toys, household items that we are not using and selling or donating them. Then I like to give the house a good deep clean. While most people are nursing their hangovers, I’m purging our home of dirt and grime.


The last thing on my list is holiday planning. Our holidays are always planned down to the finest detail, at the beginning of every year. Once I have completed our yearly budget, I am then able to make decisions about where we can go, how many times we can afford to go away during the year, and how long we are able to go for. It might seem insane to plan a weekend away in August eight months in advance, but our budget handles it more easily if we do. It also gives us events to look forward to during the year.

While it’s true that I could really do any of these tasks at any time of the year, finishing them at the beginning of the year means we start the year organised and clean, which in turn gives me a feeling of being able to accomplish more. To me, that feeling is really important. How about you? Do you have some new year tasks that you like to perform every year? Tell me about it in the comments!

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