Domestic Mamma is written by me, Vicki….pleased to meet you!

Until recently, Domestic Mamma has mostly been a hobby of mine. Sometime around the end of last year I decided to take it more seriously and see just how big I can dream. While Domestic Mamma is currently a small blog with a little over 3,500 followers on social media and almost 100 subscribers to my weekly emails, the growth has been steady. 

So what am I writing about?

I write three times a week about life and all the things in between including food, parenting, budgeting, personal life stories, travel, fashion, home decor, diy, homeschooling and all the other things that make up a lifestyle.

I’d love the opportunity to work with your brand and create something fun and unique that we can both be proud of. Recently I have had the opportunity to work with some awesome brands, including….

corelle dinnerware   flora margarine   radiant

Let’s crunch the numbers….
These are our the latest stats from May 2015

  • Google page rank : 2
  • Facebook Fans: 486
  • Google+ Followers: 326
  • Twitter Followers: 1,451
  • Pinterest Followers: 906
  • Instagram Followers: 358
  • Monthly page views: 4,545+  (google analytics stat)


Product Reviews and Sponsored Posts – are some of my favourite. If you have a product that will appeal to my readers and fits with the major topics of the blog, you can get in touch with me for the quote for your product review. Some of the major topics Domestic Mamma covers are: recipes, parenting, travel, home decor, fashion, money management, diy and most lifestyle related subjects.

I’m a strong believer of “One price doesn’t fit all” and that’s why depending upon product and the amount of work involved in your vision for the post, I customise the quote price for the review. Domestic Mamma’s base package starts from $75. 

Giveaways – Giveaway posts are among the most popular type on Domestic Mamma, currently I only run giveaways that are attached to a sponsored post. There is a minimum prize value of $75 including a fee for the post itself.

Of course I am happy to consider all offers, however only products that are suitable for the blog and of interest to the blogs audience will be accepted.

To work with Domestic Mamma (aka Vicki) or to get more information …. just fill out the form below.

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