If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would know that I am single, and I just happen to be a mamma as well. I say it loud and I say it proud….I am a single parent! There are things that I am ashamed of in my life but this is certainly NOT one of them.If anything I would have to say that being a mother has made me a much better person than I ever was before, and more than anything, being a mum has given me motivation. Motivation to be a better person, a better mother, a better role model. Motivation to work hard to give my daughter a good life and a smile on her face.

Proud as I am though, it hasn’t escaped my attention over the past 12 years since my gorgeous angel was born, that although we live in the year 2014, societies opinion of single parents is still very much in the dark ages. So how do we change that? Honestly, I don’t know beside just living the best life I know how. I am however a huge believer in the idea that you change the world one person at a time.

So after giving it a lot of thought, wondering what I could do personally to help change this perception a lot of people have of the “trashy welfare single parent”, I decided that the best way would be to interview single parents from all walks of life, and various circumstances here on the blog. We all have a different story to tell, we all face different obstacles…..but the stories I love most are the ones where I get to see how people face adversity and rise above it.

The goal here is show you that us single parents, we are just like every other parent on the planet. We want the same things for us kids, we want the same things for our lives….life just didn’t quite turn out the way we planned. That’s okay though, because sometimes change inspires the most amazing things, and I hope you get to see through this series some of the amazing things that the single parents here on the blog have accomplished because of their circumstances.

If you are a single parent yourself and you would love to share your story here, well then I would love to hear from you. Just shoot me a message and let me know.



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